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23 Businesses and Growing

In June, Lumine acquired TOMIA, an innovator and leader in global connectivity monetization solutions.

TOMIA's innovative offering enables customers to manage a unified optimization process of both roaming and interconnect while driving the future of connectivity through new technologies and services such as VoLTE, NFV, and 5G.

TOMIA serves over 400 operators including 30 tier-1 and six of the industry’s largest groups.

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An ecosystem like no other

Lumine Group's ecosystem of companies, customers & partners is always growing. Over the last six months, we've welcomed new employees around the world, we've begun serving new customers, and we've expanded our Playbooks with best practices. Strengthening the ecosystem is core to Lumine's purpose, to continue providing opportunities for companies to accelerate growth.

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Best Practices
Growth and Innovation Across the Portfolio
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Leadership Summit


Impact '22 is a leadership summit that brings together CEOs and business leaders across the Lumine portfolio for a series of knowledge-sharing sessions, case-based exercises, and an opportunity to build in-person connections with peers across the ecosystem.

Why did we call the event Impact?  
Impact is defined as having a substantial effect on someone or something. We believe great leaders leave a lasting impact – a strong, positive effect – on their teams and organizations that are felt across the industry. Impact Leaders influence, motivate, and take pride in their ability to drive positive change. 


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Tomer Itah

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Hear from Tomer Itah, CEO & CFO of Flash Networks, on the Importance of Transparency & New Perspectives.

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Mo Firouzabadian
Lifecycle Software

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Hear from Mo Firouzabadian, CEO, Lifecycle Software, on Building Psychological Safety & Developing a Leader’s Mindset.

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Highlights and Achievements

Ready for the future

In a dynamic landscape like the communications and media industry, it is crucial to push the boundaries to stay ahead of creating seamless experiences for customers. While adapting and opening to new challenges unlock new opportunities, these are open only to those who are willing to take the leap.

Lumine Group Scholarship

the next generation
of leaders

Lumine is committed towards cultivating a diverse and inclusive workforce. The Lumine Group Future Leaders in Technology & Business Scholarship supports students who demonstrate financial need and are from underrepresented groups, including persons with disabilities, racial minorities including Black, Indigenous, People of Colour, women, or LGBTQ2S+.

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Women in Leadership

In honor of International Women’s Day earlier this year, we asked women in leadership positions within Lumine what advice they would give their younger selves, reminding us all to take risks, to challenge the status quo, and to believe in yourself.

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