A Look at #Illuminate2021

Reflecting on Lumine's Annual Knowledge-Sharing Event

We are perpetually learning and continue to evolve.  

That is a key value driving Lumine’s talent development and leadership program. As part of this, every year Lumine holds an “Academy,” an event bringing together company leaders and up-and-comers across the Lumine portfolio of businesses for an opportunity to exchange ideas, share best practices, and learn from one another.  

We aim to host our “Academy” in unique locations around the world. Given travel restrictions this year, we held our annual event online. This year, the Academy was known as Illuminate –– reflecting our company mission to illuminate the potential of communications and media software businesses and the people behind them. From June 23-26, 145 within the Lumine organization logged on to join Illuminate.  

"Our goal at Lumine is to create an environment that empowers leaders across our businesses to thrive, enabled by a culture of mentorship and knowledge sharing," said Lumine President, David Nyland.  

“Illuminate creates an environment where like-minded communications and media business professionals can connect," says Amy Benoit, VP HR at Lumine. "We know our team members are excited by the opportunity to ask questions and learn from established best practices, and it is important we set aside some time every year for that to be a focus.”  

The result was three half-days of programming, from 8 AM – 12 PM EST, with 10-minute breaks in-between each 30- or 45-minute session. 

Day One was filled with inspiring keynote addresses and featured a special Q&A with customers from within the Lumine ecosystem.  

Day Two was action-packed. We split the attendees into two tracks based on their business objectives and provided 4 sessions per hour that they could choose to attend. We featured Lumine thought leaders, experts in areas of sales to R&D, and from Finance to Professional Services.  

During our third and final half-day of events, attendees joined sessions focused on their specific job functions, providing participants the opportunity to ask specific, tactical questions and learn from their global group of colleagues. 

The response from participants following the event was overwhelmingly positive. From our employee survey, 100% of the respondents said they found the material useful. We hope that next year the event will be in person, but if planning a virtual event, based on our feedback we have a few optimizations. We wanted to share if it is of interest to anyone planning a virtual event.   

First, we will look to implement interactive functions within the meetings, like polls, to make them more engaging. And second, is to schedule optional virtual networking time for an opportunity to connect with colleagues in a more casual environment.  

As Lumine grows with new businesses every year, we grow with new people. We continue to get stronger, and every year we look forward to connecting more leaders with more learnings to continuously evolve. To read more about Illuminate, and learn more about our goals to cultivate a culture of knowledge sharing, take a look at this note from Lumine President, David Nyland.