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Lumine Group Acquires Telepin Software

MARCH 07, 2017—Lumine Group today announced that it has completed the acquisition of Telepin Software Corporation (“Telepin”), a leading provider of digital financial services platforms. The acquisition is Lumine’s fifth acquisition in the Communications vertical.

Telepin’s unique software and services help mobile operators deliver robust financial services offerings to their subscriber and merchant customers that enable person-to-person transfers, bill payment, government to person payment, air-time top-up, international money remittance, and cash in and cash out. The software plugs seamlessly into existing mobile infrastructure, leveraging the investments already made in charging systems, replenishment systems, and value added service delivery platforms.

Telepin is currently enabling over 45 million digital wallets across all their customer networks, processing over 50 million transactions per day. Telepin’s customer base includes tier-one operators in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and the Americas, including Singtel, Millicom, Etisalat, Orange, MTN, Atlantique Telecom, Tunisia Telecom, Sprint, as well as innovative financial institutions such as Wing Money and Nationwide Microbank.

“We are eager to grow our business further in our core markets and to expand our presence in other high growth digital financial services economies internationally. We are excited about Lumine’s long-term commitment to our market and the best practices and synergies available within their emerging Communications vertical,” said Vincent Kadar, CEO of Telepin. “We believe that Lumine has the unique capability and capacity to invest in accelerating our growth, evolving our product-line, expanding our services and support capabilities worldwide, and provide stability and opportunities to our international employee base.”

Telepin is headquartered in Ottawa, Canada with regional presence in Egypt, Tanzania, Malaysia, and Singapore. The company continues to be led by Vincent Kadar, Telepin’s CEO, with oversight from Lumine.

(Note: At the time of the acquisition, Lumine Group was known as Volaris Group Communications & Media. Changes have been made in this press release to replace “Volaris Group Communications & Media” with “Lumine Group”.)