Your Future, Your Choice

At Lumine, we believe in celebrating the sale of your business, and this new chapter for your company. As buy-and-hold forever acquirers of businesses, Lumine invests in the long-term success of your business and continues serving the best interests of your customers and employees.

  • Accelerate Your Growth

    Accelerate Your Growth

    Backed with years of expertise strengthening and growing communications and media software businesses, we have proven strategies to help you and your business achieve long-term success.

  • Keep and Grow Your Talent

    Keep and Grow Your Talent

    Invest in the team who have grown with your business with professional development and knowledge sharing opportunities.

  • Your Business, Your Culture

    Your Business, Your Culture

    Your day-to-day operations stay the same. Continue to operate autonomously, keeping your culture intact.

  • Buy & Hold Forever

    As a perpetual owner of businesses, Lumine is your permanent partner and makes long-term investments into your business for sustained growth. We empower businesses to operate autonomously, ensuring they continue to operate with the same team, culture, and business name that you and your stakeholders know and respect. If your desire is to remain with the business, we work with you to realize your personal and professional goals within our group.

  • A Network of Experts

    The Lumine Group Playbook is a guide to acquiring, strengthening, and growing communications and media software businesses. These best practices are gathered from real-life learnings from every business that has joined Lumine, and from our real-life experience watching them strengthen and grow.

  • Access to an Ecosystem that Drives Growth

    The Lumine Group ecosystem is constantly evolving. Lumine provides access to over 1000 customers, as well as access to capital for organic and inorganic growth. Lumine also provides access to a global ecosystem of tax, currency and payroll services across 4 continents.

  • Rapid All Cash Transactions

    Lumine Group is a cash acquirer using internal funding sources. We can close quickly as we have in-house legal, HR, finance, IT and data security due-diligence experts dedicated to Lumine Group transactions.

Choose Your Adventure

Knowing your business will be in safe and reliable hands, Founders and Entrepreneurs are empowered to take control of their professional path.

Continue to Lead

Founded in 1997, Kansys began as a system integrator focusing on billing solutions through business support systems integration. 24 years later, founder Joe Simmons sold the business to Lumine to gain access to a global ecosystem of customers and learn from other Lumine businesses worldwide. Kansys is now able to apply learnings to create industry specific applications and branding to reach a wider market.

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Upward Mobility Within Lumine

Pedro Quintas founded Collab in 1999, and after growing the business for 21 years, sold to Lumine in 2020. One year later, Pedro was elevated to a Sub-Group Leader of Lumine and appointed his long-term COO to CEO. As a Sub-Group Leader, Pedro oversees the strengthening and performance of a group of companies within Lumine, including Collab.

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New Beginnings

Kim Craven founded Lifecycle Software in 1997. 24 years later, Kim was ready for his next professional chapter, and looked for an acquirer that would continue to grow Lifecycle while ensuring the culture and team would remain in place. He found the right fit with Lumine, and eight months later, happily announced his retirement as he looked to his next chapter.

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