Birgit Troy


Vancouver, Canada

Birgit Troy Portrait

Birgit is the Chief Financial Officer at Lumine Group. Birgit has been critical in building Lumine from its first acquisition in 2013, Incognito Software Systems, to its current state.

Prior to Lumine, Birgit helped build a number of software companies that had successful exits over time, including Strangeloop Networks (acquired by NASDAQ-listed Radware Ltd.) and TSO Logic (acquired by Amazon). In addition, Birgit is a CPA, has an MBA and is a trained & certified chef.

Q. What does leadership mean to you?

Leadership to me is about getting the right people “on the bus” and then supporting them to be productive and effective. It’s about building trust and respect so the whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts. I feel effective as a leader when I step back and the team around me excels in their roles and gets credit for their accomplishments.

Q. Who is or was your greatest mentor?

I try to learn from everyone I work with, regardless of role or position in an organization. Sometimes it’s about copying a positive behaviour that resonates with me, sometimes it’s about noticing a negative behaviour and working to avoid displaying this behaviour myself. Early on in my career, the CEO of a company I was interning at once paused at my cubicle on the way out the door on a Friday evening to say, “Thanks for everything you do for us.” It was such a simple gesture, and yet so powerful because it emphasized to me that if we treat others the way we want to be treated ourselves, we end up with strong teams who feel trusted and respected and those teams ultimately become the foundation to grow high-performing organizations around us.

“Lumine is about becoming part of an organization that is all about strengthening commercial software operations based on best practices developed over many years of being disciplined operators, and about bringing out the best in people through professional development and exposure to a global peer network within Lumine.”