Jonas Svensson

Group Leader

Stockholm, Sweden

Jonas Svensson

Jonas Svensson is a Group Leader at Lumine Group. As a Group Leader, Jonas oversees a number of Lumine businesses, including Netadmin Systems, Tarantula, Avance Metering, and Symbrio.

Before becoming a Group Leader, where Jonas now oversees a number of businesses, Jonas most recently served as CEO of Netadmin Systems. With a strong project management background, Jonas is a 10 year veteran of Netadmin Systems where he progressed from Project Manager, to VP of Professional Services, to VP Operations, to COO, to CEO in early 2019. His extensive knowledge of the industry supported by his strong leadership skills will continue to make him an asset to his expanding group of businesses.

Q: What is your advice to software leaders looking to be acquired?

The process of acquisition can be challenging. From an owner’s perspective, everything is not solved by a spreadsheet. Both process and solution should feel right to you. If you have invested a solid part of your career in building a product, a brand, investing in talent, and created strong customer relations, certainly, your creation would deserve the best possible home. I would encourage you to think about your vision for the future of your company and ensure it aligns with your potential acquirer. At Lumine, our vision is to evolve our businesses through best practices, nurturing talent, and creating sustainability through a well-proven playbook. We are in it for the long run.

“Leadership is about unlocking the true potential of everyone. It is a prerequisite for success in every organization. To build a strong organization, leadership needs to be present on every level within every individual.”