Paul Weisz

Manager, Corporate Development

Toronto, Canada

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Paul Weisz is an M&A Corporate Development Manager at Lumine Group.

With a strong understanding of the communications and media space, Paul plays a key role in growing the Lumine Group portfolio by identifying synergistic businesses within the space that can strengthen the Lumine ecosystem. Most recently, Paul served as an account executive at Cision, where he developed a strong understanding of the communications and media software space.

If you’re interested in connecting with Paul to learn more about Lumine Group and opportunities for your business, please connect with him via email or LinkedIn.

Q. What values do you live by?

Discipline, Empathy, Growth and Adventure.

Q. What makes an acquisition with Lumine Group unique?

An acquisition with Lumine Group is unique because we’re truly focused on the long-term. I love that we’re able to keep teams together and give business leaders the tools and resources to grow their businesses for the long-term.