Our Culture

At Lumine, we’re all about illuminating potential. Our purpose is to shine a light on our employees – to empower them with opportunities to grow and feel motivated by seeing their direct impact to the collective goal. We empower our employees by integrating them into Lumine Group’s playbook and providing them with an upwardly mobile career path.

Flexible Work Environment

Our teams work within a hybrid work environment, prioritizing a virtual, remote-first workplace along with the option to operate in a hybrid model with access to an in-person co-working space in downtown Toronto. We provide our employees with the freedom and autonomy that come with a virtual workspace, alongside the structure and support of a traditional workplace that fosters relationship building in a way that feels like an in-person connection.

Knowledge Sharing

Mentorship and knowledge sharing is the foundation of how we operate and is essential to growth in the portfolio. We hold company-wide bi-monthly learning sessions, where business leaders across Lumine dive into their areas of expertise and provide operational guidance on how to strengthen the business across all functions.


At Lumine, every employee plays a key role in driving the business forward. As part of a rapidly growing team, you will see the real impact you create within your team and your contribution to our collective goals.

Building Connections

We plan monthly events that encourage us all to connect. Whether it’s catching a sports game all together in a stadium, doing a scavenger hunt across the city, or enjoying a meal together – we recognize that it's important to take time to celebrate our wins. It’s also a great chance to introduce new team members, and ultimately, just have some fun.

Our Values


No egos. We value authenticity, self-awareness and encourage an environment where it is okay to heed the call for help when required.


We empower employees to ask questions and encourage a growth mindset amongst our teams.


Through focus, motivation, and dedication, we support individuals and teams to achieve ambitious goals and deliver outstanding results.


A culture centered around data-driven decision-making is vital, equipping our teams to make informed choices in real-time that are key to driving success.

Our People

Our people are our power. We are proud of the exceptional team members behind Lumine. Meet some of the team below.