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The Future is Bright.

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Latest News

April 30, 2024

Lumine Group Completes the Purchase of Casa Systems’ Axyom Cloud Native 5G Core Software & RAN Assets

April 3, 2024

Lumine Group Enters into an Agreement to Acquire Casa Systems’ Axyom Cloud Native 5G Core Software & RAN Assets

April 1, 2024

Lumine Group Completes the Purchase of the Device Management and Service Management Platform Businesses from Nokia

July 11, 2024

Explore Lumine Group's 2024 Mid-Year Review

April 30, 2024

Lumine Group Acquires Casa Systems’ Axyom Cloud Native 5G Core Software & RAN Assets

April 1, 2024

Lumine Completes
Carve-Out from Nokia


Accelerating Growth

Lumine Group acquires, strengthens, and grows vertical market software companies in the communications and media industry.

As buy-and-hold forever acquirers, our focus is on acquiring businesses with long-term growth potential, strengthening core profitability, and then making measured investments to accelerate growth.


Communications & Media Industry Focused

Lumine Group is focused on acquiring and building companies in the communications and media software industry. As part of Lumine Group, unlock access to an ecosystem of industry-specific customers, leaders, and best practices.

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The Future is Bright

Lumine takes root from the word illuminate, demonstrating our mission to illuminate the potential of software businesses.

Limitless Career Opportunities

We encourage continuous learning and provide access to a network of peers to optimize career growth potential.

Grow Your Business Globally

Unlock access to 1000+ customers and partners, plus an international ecosystem of legal entities and operating infrastructure.

Access to Capital

We provide capital to grow your business through M&A, market expansion, and product innovation.

Experience & Speed to Close

With best practices learned from past acquisitions, our M&A team ensures the most efficient acquisition experience.

We Never Sell Your Business

As buy-and-hold forever acquirers, Lumine invests in the long-term, sustainable success of your business.


1000+ Customers

250+ Best practices

30+ Countries

The Lumine Ecosystem

Unlock access to the Lumine ecosystem, home to 1000+ customers around the world.

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The Lumine Group Playbook

Explore 250+ proven best practices for strengthening and growing communications and media software businesses.

We help you understand past & present business performance to better optimize for the future.



Our global portfolio presence supports scaling into international markets.


Global Expansion

We believe in developing “Impact Leaders” –– leaders who leave a positive, lasting impact on their teams & organizations.



We help teams identify and prioritize areas of improvement along with a roadmap on how to tackle them.



Develop an all-star sales & marketing team with our industry best practices that aim to drive brand awareness & pipeline progression.


Sales & Marketing

We work with you and your leadership teams to ensure operational excellence across all departments.



With decades of collective industry experience, we help you develop an appropriate plan of action to achieve your business goals.



We believe in fostering talent by creating an environment of continuous learning and knowledge-sharing to drive professional growth.

Talent Development

Talent Development

Global Scale

Lumine has an international presence, with offices & employees in 30+ countries around the world.


Our People, Our Power


"At Lumine Group, we believe people are our power and we create opportunities for them to excel. Our talent development programs empower leaders with the tools & resources they need to feel confident and drive success for their teams & organizations." 

- Tony Garcia, Group President, Lumine Group

Pedro (3)

"As a Founder who sold my company, Collab, to Lumine Group, I have experienced first-hand the positive impact the best practices and ecosystem can have on a company.  Today, as Group Leader, I support companies in adopting the best practices that delivered positive results for Collab." 

- Pedro Quintas, Group Leader, Lumine Group

More about Collab
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"We believe in the companies we acquire. It is truly inspiring to see the Lumine best practices at work, providing a great framework for inspiring innovation & positive change within our organizations!"

- Pearl Gupta, VP Finance, Lumine Group

Our Acquisitions

"Lumine Group's focus is on the long-term success of our portfolio companies. As buy-and-hold forever acquirers, we are not looking for short-term wins. We work with companies and their leaders to execute long-term, sustainable growth strategies."

- David Sharpley, Group President, Lumine Group


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