Collab celebrates one year with Lumine Group 's
  • Founded: 2003
  • Located: Lisbon, Portugal
  • Industry: Telecommunications
  • Acquired: 2020

Why Sell?

Novabase was focusing around services revenues, and was looking to divest Collab as it was deemed a non-core software platform.

Why Lumine?

Collab Founder and CEO, Pedro Quintas, and Novabase believed in Lumine’s buy-and-hold forever acquisition philosophy and were intrigued by the complementary ecosystem, and access to Lumine Group’s best practice playbook.


Collab is a multimedia contact center (cloud and premises-based) company, headquartered in Lisbon, Portugal. It was founded inside Novabase in 2003 by Pedro Quintas, who had experience in the contact center space and recognized an opportunity in the market.

Today Collab has 500+ enterprise customers, of which 10+ are Tier 1 Telcos, 35,000 live concurrent contact center agents on the system, and 70+ partners in 40 countries that market, sell and operate Collab solutions locally.

From the Novabase perspective, the Collab business was not in their core market offering of technology staff augmentation services, an exit to an experienced acquirer of software businesses was the logical solution.

Why Sell?

For Collab, finding the right new home would bring the opportunity to continue building the business autonomously. Quintas and the management team began exploring opportunities for the business, seeking a partner that could help potentiate their growth. When Lumine reached out to Quintas in 2017, it began a conversation that over time, allowed both sides to understand the synergies and opportunities in a partnership.

3 Reasons Collab Chose Lumine

Buy and Hold Forever

Buy and Hold Forever

With Lumine Group’s buy-and-hold forever acquisition philosophy, Quintas felt Lumine would support and drive future business decisions with integrity, building on Collab’s 17-year history.

The Ecosystem of Customers

The Ecosystem of Customers

The Lumine Group ecosystem grants access to 400+ customers opening up organic growth opportunities for Collab – something they were eager to explore.

Access to Best Practices

Access to Best Practices

Lumine provides access to best practices cultivated over many years. As Collab looks to expand its market reach, Lumine has the best practice expertise to drive, and close those contracts.

Opportunities within the Lumine Ecosystem

For Collab, access to new telco customers within the Lumine Group ecosystem was an intriguing benefit to joining Lumine. “The ecosystem of customers that Lumine brings is another opportunity that Collab can explore,” said Quintas. “There is an opportunity to grow in a consistent way.”

There was also the opportunity to explore synergies between other telco businesses within the Portfolio. Post-acquisition, Collab met with Advantage 360 and WDS Mobile to uncover any potential opportunities between the businesses.

Lumine can also support Collab’s goals for greater international growth. At the time of inception, Collab was a Portuguese company mostly operating out of Portugal. Expanding into new geographies was not always simple. Within the Lumine ecosystem, not only does Collab have access to new customers in new geographies, but they also have the logistical support, from legal to human resource team, to facilitate deals.

Collab was acquired on March 19, 2020, the day Portugal went into a full lockdown due to health precautions surrounding COVID-19.

Acquisition During COVID-19

Typically, post-acquisition, the Lumine leadership team visits the newly acquired business on-site to launch the integration process. This involves in-person workshops, functional training sessions, knowledge sharing – and of course, some time for celebrations. For the first time in Lumine Group history, this integration was done remotely.

“We worked together, we adapted,” said Quintas. Collab and Lumine worked closely to ensure all the tools were in place to make the integration seamless. “While we lost the face-to face, we still feel so close to the team today,” said Quintas.

Collab’s strategy and go-to-market process will not change. The brand identity will also remain. However, with new expertise and best practices from Lumine Group, Collab will work on a more robust execution moving forward. “We are already learning from Lumine’s best practices –– insights on how to be more productive, how to empower different businesses and environments,” said Quintas. “We will be a different company a year from now, but our identity, our values, will be the same.”

What’s Next for Collab?

Two weeks post-acquisition, Collab and Lumine Group held a webinar for all Collab customers to share more about the acquisition, followed by an open-floor Q&A to answer any customer questions. Transparency is a priority, and Collab wanted to ensure that customers felt empowered to ask questions about what this acquisition would mean for them. Essentially, business will continue as normal. Over the long term, what customers can expect will be accelerated and more focus growth. In addition, customers may also find an opportunity for their own cross sell through different channels within the Lumine Portfolio.

As mentioned above, just one-month post-acquisition, Collab has already met with different businesses within the Lumine Portfolio to uncover synergy opportunities and cross-selling. “We are creating an environment to do better,” said Quintas. Part of the excitement of the acquisition brings this discovery and exploration. Today, Collab is excited to further explore, to accelerate, and to grow their next chapter with Lumine Group.

If someone looking to be acquired values what they have now, and they want to evolve, the Lumine approach empowers that.

—Pedro Quintas, Founder & CEO, Collab

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