CollabXperience 2023: Collab Celebrates 20 Years of Innovation and Global Collaboration

Collab is a global provider of cloud contact center solutions. With a strong focus on innovation, Collab enables digital transformation and helps achieve the right balance between Automation and Human Interaction. Founded in 2003, Collab has a presence in over 40 countries and serves more than 600 clients worldwide. Collab was acquired by Lumine Group in March 2020.

Collab recently held the return of the CollabXperience event on September 20th and 21st. After a two-year hiatus due to the global pandemic, CollabXperience 2023 was a resounding success, bringing together the Collab team, partners, and clients from around the world in celebration of Collab's 20th anniversary and fostering knowledge-sharing within the industry.

Below, we hear from Teresa Batista, Marketing Manager at Collab, who shared more about how the event came together and what occurred.

CollabXperience 2023 drew 110 participants from 15 different nationalities, showcasing the company's global reach and impact on the contact center and customer experience landscape.

Day one of the event began with a welcome from Pedro Rodrigues, Collab's CEO, in the prestigious Orient Museum in Lisbon. PedroCollab Team CollabXperience Quintas, Collab founder and current Group Leader at Lumine Group, then delved into Collab's remarkable 20-year journey, highlighting the company's evolution and accomplishments. The presentation also featured product updates since the last CollabXperience, presented by Pedro Rondulha Gomes, Collab's VP of R&D. Some of the updates included enhancements to OneAgent, Admin Portal, security measures, monitoring capabilities, SIP/Voice features, Flow integration, CIH redesign, outbound improvements, email and chat enhancements, Speech Analytics, and Reporting capabilities.

José Luis Silva, CTO of Collab, outlined the company's product strategy, emphasizing the integration of AI and NLP solutions to revolutionize IVRs, empower agents with agent assistance, and enhance analytics. Collab aims to collaborate with industry leaders, serving as the central hub for intelligent routing with Cognitive Services and Natural Language Support providers. The presentation also covered bot integration, Collab's Live Agent Assist tool, the benefits of Speech Analytics, and advanced reporting features that harness successful interactions for AI learning models. The presentation concluded with an engaging demo by Sérgio Alves, Collab Pre-Sales Manager.

Following the presentations, attendees enjoyed a memorable dinner cruise on the Rio Tejo, with food, drinks, and the breathtaking views of Lisbon at night. The evening culminated with the presentation of Collab Awards to honor Collab's oldest partner and client and recognize top-performing partners in various regions.

Take a look at the Day One recap video here: 

Day two of the event took place in Vila Galé Ópera Hotel, and focused on knowledge-sharing and expertise exchange, with partners and clients presenting case studies in the morning and dedicated time for one-on-one meetings in the afternoon.

The case studies presented by Collab's partners showcased their innovative collaborations with Collab's solutions, offering insights into the practical applications of Collab's technology and its positive impact on various industries.

CollabXperience 2023 not only celebrated two decades of Collab's innovation and excellence but also reaffirmed the company's commitment to fostering collaboration and sharing knowledge within the global contact center community.

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