Reflecting On Lumine Impact ‘22

David Nyland, President of Lumine Group, reflects on Impact '22, the inaugural leadership summit for CEOs & business leaders within Lumine


4 Days. 21 Businesses. 30 Leaders. 9 Nationalities. Unlimited Potential.

Last week, Lumine held our first in-person portfolio-wide event since March 2020. Over the past two years, Lumine has added eight new communications & media software companies to our ecosystem. We've expanded into new countries and hired hundreds of new employees. It was a transformative and challenging time, and I'm grateful to the leaders who led their teams with empathy and focus amidst a period of hardship felt across the world. Lumine's leaders spend time together at the inaugural Lumine Impact Event.

Even though we adapted well to connecting virtually, it was critical to bring together our company leaders to engage in-person for Impact.

Impact is a leadership summit that brings together CEOs and business leaders across the Lumine portfolio for a series of knowledge-sharing sessions, case-based exercises, and an opportunity to build in-person connections with peers across the ecosystem.

Why did we call the event "Impact"?  Impact is defined as having a substantial effect on someone or something. We believe great leaders leave a lasting impact – a strong, positive effect – on their teams and organizations that are felt across the industry. Impact Leaders influence, motivate and take pride in their ability to drive positive change. 

Impact was created to reinforce this concept to our group of leaders, who we believe are all Impact Leaders, and recognize what they have accomplished so far.

Over the week, we were joined by Mark Miller, the CEO of Volaris and COO of Constellation Software Inc, and Brian Beattie, CFO of Volaris Group, to discuss the strategic direction of Constellation Software, Volaris, and Lumine.

We spent time sharing insights into every Lumine company, uncovering new potential within the Lumine ecosystem. We also spent time in breakout groups, using the Lumine Playbook to form quantifiable H2 2022 improvement plans for sustained growth.

Feedback sessions allowed the leaders to tell us what Lumine can do to drive new opportunities for their companies and teams. Working together gave us context for where each company individually needs our support and how we can add value as a whole.  

We leave Impact energized, connected, and inspired to continue building a more robust ecosystem for our teams, companies, and customers. I look forward to future Impact summits and building new connections with the bright and talented leaders across Lumine.

Looking Towards the Future

With the success of Impact '22, we aim to make this leadership summit an annual event. Gathering our Impact Leaders is a reminder that as part of the Lumine ecosystem, you have access to an incredible network of like-minded leaders, best practices, and limitless opportunities. 

David Nyland Portrait
David Nyland
Lumine Group


What is an Impact Leader?

Watch the video to learn more about what Impact means to us.