2022 New Year Message from Lumine's President

Lumine Group President, David Nyland, reflects on 2021 and what is to come for 2022

Lumine President David Nyland

As we face new developments from the pandemic, the communications and media industry continues to pivot and provide people, corporations, and communities the tools and technology to adapt to a new normal. In 2021, one thing remained constant: the need for digital connections. Digital connections fuel interactions between families, businesses, communities, and societies around the world, and there is no slowing it down.

This year at Lumine, we placed a strong focus on creating a culture of learning, powered by digital connections. In June, we held a 3-day virtual knowledge-sharing summit known as Illuminate. Illuminate included 56 seminars where business leaders across the Lumine portfolio could attend learning sessions on a variety of topics. You could log on to learn more about “Venturing into new geographies to drive organic growth,” “Knowing your differentiators and prepping a bid defense,” or “Product Advancement Fees & Product Roadmap Commercialization.” All seminars featured leaders who had real-life experience on the topic and could share a specific business case study. I am very proud of all the speakers and the insightful questions from the attendees sparking great conversation. The response was overwhelmingly positive and facilitated new connections between team members all over the world, from Australia to America, from Singapore to Sweden.

In 2022, we will be launching an updated version of our Lumine Group Playbook. The Playbook is home to 250+ best practices to strengthen, grow, and operate communications and media software businesses. This updated launch will include new learnings and templates and is a testament to the new thought leaders emerging within our team – much of which was highlighted during Illuminate.

2021 was a landmark year for Lumine. We acquired six businesses (a record number in a year) and we grew to a portfolio of 22 companies (surpassing 20 companies, a personal milestone). We grew our portfolio headcount by 56%, and overall employee count by 18%. We also launched programs to invest in the future of leaders. We announced a scholarship program for students pursuing their studies in STEM, Finance, or Business. We also launched the IDEA internship program, a focused initiative developing student interns and co-ops who join us for a semester at Lumine.

In 2021, Lumine businesses continued to innovate, launching new products, emerging into new geographies, and building new relationships within the Lumine ecosystem. Highlights include:

  • Customer Expansions: Several businesses expanded their customer base into new geographies – a great accomplishment that requires a team effort across business leaders, sales, marketing, and product teams. Velocix announced a new multi-country agreement with Liberty Latin America. Incognito Software Systems announced a prominent operator in Central America is now in production with their suite of software solutions to support the provisioning and management of residential broadband services across their fiber and cable networks.
  • New Products: Tarantula rolled out a new product feature for its telecoms site management software, empowering MNOs and TowerCos with everything they need to create and sustain a steady stream of revenue with a strong focus on operational intelligence. Lifecycle Software launched a Converged-Charging-System (CSS) as a software allowing monetisation of new scalable 5G and IoT opportunities. They also launched Event Intelligence, a new module using predictive analytics and real-time decisioning to deliver strategic, personalised, and high value experiences to subscribers.
  • Lumine Ecosystem Collaborations: I am always proud to see collaboration within Lumine companies, leveraging not only knowledge but product suites to strengthen their offerings and launch new products. In September, Collab and WDS launched Bot Expert, a product connecting Collab’s contact center technology to WDS knowledgebase.

We are a force of nature! I look forward to another year of innovation and success from Lumine companies, staying core to supporting customers, and each other, in the best way they can. I also look forward to meeting new companies and leaders who join us at Lumine. We will carry on our culture of learning and education, promoting knowledge as a tool for business leaders across the world to strengthen and grow their businesses.

As I mentioned earlier, amidst the pandemic, we saw the accelerated rate of change and an intense desire to adopt new technology that keeps us connected. At the beginning of each year, I like to reflect on the state of the industry and consider what trends will be on top of the industry’s mind in 2022 (and beyond). A few trends that come to mind:

  • Expedited Growth of 5G Networks: 5G is powering the future of connection – working to power smart cities, innovate in new sectors, and provide digital connectivity to rural areas. With the high demand for roll-out across the world, operators must find ways to keep up.
  • Internet of Things Expanding Beyond “Things”: In 2022, we have grown beyond the Internet of Things (the connectedness of products) and can consider ourselves as part of the Internet of Everything (IoE) era. IoE can be defined as the networked connection of people, processes, data, and things. No longer is the focus on products in the home (your watch, fridge, TV) being connected, but in your daily life outside the home. Sensor data will be a key player in driving IoE innovation, mobilizing smart cities, manufacturing, and many other sectors in new and innovative ways. As a result, as we become more connected, another area of focus will be heightening cybersecurity.
  • Sustainability in Communications & Media: With the unprecedented demand for digital connection, telecommunications infrastructures have been forced to consume more energy than ever before. This ultimately is expanding our industry’s carbon footprint. The topic of sustainability now more than ever needs to be at the top of our industry leader’s agendas, understanding what we as industry players can collectively do to lessen our environmental impact.

If you’re interested in learning more about these topics, read more from our team.  

In 2022, we are building on our mission to create the greatest network for communications and media software companies to unlock their potential. We will continue to prioritize building an environment where businesses and the people behind them adapt and thrive, especially as we face new challenges posed by the pandemic. I am grateful to all who choose Lumine ­-- as an employer, or as a permanent home for their business. In the new year, I encourage you all to stay curious, share new perspectives and ideas, and challenge yourself to grow in new ways.

Wishing you the very best for 2022, most importantly staying healthy and safe in continued turbulent times.

Onwards & upwards!
David Nyland