How Do Our Business Leaders Attract and Retain Talent?

Within Lumine Group, we value learning from each other and sharing best practices across the Portfolio. This article is the first in a 4-part series containing tips and best practices from our business leaders, called The Lumine Group Insight Series. The first installment will feature Q&A from David Nyland, Tony Garcia, and David Sharpley.

We ask the team, “How are you attracting and retaining talent?”

David Nyland - President, Lumine Group

We grow and harvest internal talent while building relationships with outside talent.

In Lumine Group, we are doubling the size of our organization roughly every 2 years. At this pace of growth, we need to “grow and harvest” talent from within, plus attract people from outside the organization.

To grow and harvest internal talent, we have a robust Talent Management process that identifies high potential employees and gives them the training and mentoring needed to allow them to step-up to broader roles. We move top talent quickly and provide rapid career progression for high performing team players.

From an external perspective, we continuously network with outside talent and when the timing is right, we bring people in to address specific needs. Thoughtful onboarding is critical and we have a well-defined methodology, process, and tools to achieve this.

Tony Garcia - Group Leader, Lumine Group

Focus, empowerment, and constantly learning.

There are 3 key factors we keep in mind in order to attract and retain the best talent in the Comms and Media Industries.

1. Organizational focus

2. Empowerment and continuous ecosystem knowledge sharing

3. Address technology and financially minded resources desire for constant learning!

David Sharpley - CEO, Incognito Software Systems

Internal references are critical to our success.

One of the most critical functions in the software industry is the human talent that builds, sells, delivers and supports our software assets. At Incognito, we use a variety of channels to recruit new team members, including internal referrals, various social media applications, recruitment boards, and recruitment agencies.

From our experience, the most successful method of attracting new talent has been to look to our existing team member’s networks. In the case of internal referrals, both the candidate and the hiring manager get an unbiased perspective on both the candidate’s capabilities as well as the company, its culture and work environment. We find that these recruits tend to have a longer tenure with the company because they have this insight.

Retention is equally critical and we have a variety of informal and formal activities to keep our team members engaged. These range from monthly socials, to peer reward programs, birthdays off, and mega-events like our annual holiday party.

The best retention rate is achieved by creating a collaborative, winning culture, where people see their contribution to the overall goals, and where management is transparent about key objectives from the beginning and report back to the entire company on progress. In one word, teamwork.

March 03, 2019