Future Leaders in Technology & Business Scholarship - January 2022 Winners

Meet our first cohort of scholarship winners!

We believe today’s students are tomorrow's future. As we enter 2022, we are excited to announce the inaugural recipients of the Future Leaders in Technology and Business Scholarship. With this scholarship, we are thrilled to be able to support these remarkable students in achieving their academic and career goals in STEM, Finance, and Business. Learn more about the recipients below!

Sadia Y

Sadia is a third-year BBA student studying at the Schulich School of Business at York University. She aspires to be a leader in the business world who prides herself on her authenticity. She is deeply committed to the mission of empowering female students to pursue a career in a rapidly changing industry and to thrive in leadership roles in the workplace and beyond. By actively being involved in community service and school clubs like Women in Leadership and Rotaract, she has developed a passion for diversity, equity, and inclusivity and aims to increase the discussion of gender equality in the corporate industry. As a Muslim Woman of Colour, her exposure to gender inequality and stereotypes motivates her to drive to create change. She hopes to continue to explore and speak up about everyday social issues that need more awareness as well as bring into perspective the difficulties faced by marginalized groups. She aims to connect future young leaders to successful diverse professionals in several fields through networking events and activities, so they are not afraid to voice their concerns and break down social barriers and stigmas.

Sonam S

Sonam's journey has been inspired by the principle and vision shared by Satya Nadella (CEO of Microsoft) -- to aim for high customer satisfaction and practice customer obsession. Currently, Sonam is a final year MBA candidate at Schulich Business School, York University specializing in Marketing & Entrepreneurship.
During Sonam's college and professional journey, Sonam has been an active member of many college clubs, Microsoft internal clubs, groups, and initiatives. Sonam has always been an advocate for inclusivity and was a volunteer for the same at her last workplace. Currently, at Schulich, Sonam is Director of Marketing at Schulich Pride Alliance Club that promotes awareness for practicing inclusivity for all groups and is also a peer mentor for the newly joined international students.   

Sarah K

Sarah is a first-year engineering student at the University of Victoria. Outside of class, Sarah is the first year engineering representative for her school’s engineering student society. In this role, she organizes events, communicates between students and faculty, and provides resources to help the student body. For as long as she can remember she has loved science and experiments, always participating in her school's science fairs growing up. Outside of school, she loves to go skiing, hiking, and playing hockey.

Zolzaya E

Zolzaya is a diversity and inclusion tech enthusiast with a background in sales and marketing. Prior to Rotman, she was a Client Business Partner for Nielsen China, where she was deeply involved in diversity and inclusion efforts. As a volunteer for Ladies Who Tech, she advocated for greater representation of women in tech fields and more visibility for those already in leadership. A believer in the ability of business and tech to do good, she hopes to leverage her background, experience, and MBA to enact positive, innovative change.

Dilmeet B

Dilmeet's interest in mechanics and engineering began at a young age through her discussions with her father about his car projects. This interest, combined with a passion for aircrafts, encouraged Dilmeet to attend college at BCIT for a certificate as an aircraft maintenance engineer. This semester, Dilmeet continues pursuing an undergraduate degree in aerospace engineering with a specialization in aerodynamics and propulsion at Concordia University.

As Dilmeet is attending school in a male-dominated industry, her goal is to be able to inspire other young women to pursue careers in male-driven fields. In the future, she would love to work with spacecraft as it is something that has intrigued her since she was young.