Your Trusted Partners

Lumine has a full in-house M&A team to close deals both quickly and effectively. As your trusted partners, working with Lumine creates an acquisition journey for you and your clients that is efficient, transparent, and fair.

An Efficient Deal Process

Lumine can complete transactions within 90 days through funding from internal sources. To close deals at this pace, Lumine uses in-house legal and diligence resources and has a database of due-diligence checklists and purchase agreements honed over hundreds of acquisitions in all jurisdictions around the world. These resources help to streamline data gathering efforts, diligence, negotiation, and ultimately minimize time to close relative to other less-experienced acquirers.


Whether you are representing a founder-owner or software conglomerate, Lumine has a suitable structure to fit any acquisition opportunity. The Lumine team will work to understand your client’s motivations and optimize a personalized deal structure for them. With Lumine, you get an experienced team that achieves creative outcomes for you and your clients.

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Trustworthy, Experienced Acquirers

Lumine works closely with M&A advisors and their global client base with a 95%+ seller satisfaction rate. We are always looking to ensure we achieve positive outcomes for all parties.

A Safe, Secure Future for Your Client

Lumine is a buy and hold forever acquirer of software businesses, meaning when your client joins Lumine, they are looked after forever. Lumine will never sell an acquired business, instead, we invest in the long-term success of the business by providing them capital, expertise, and autonomy.

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