Making an Impact

Lumine fosters an environment of knowledge sharing and collaboration across like-minded communications and media businesses and leaders. We support leaders through access to best practices via the Lumine Group Playbook, our guide to strengthening and growing businesses. We believe connecting the right resources and learnings with the right people provides an excellent opportunity for both business and professional growth.

  • Talent Development

    Talent Development

    Employee development and continuous learning are at the core of Lumine’s values. Within Lumine Group, employees are exposed to opportunities to grow their careers, lead businesses and take on portfolio management roles. As Lumine rapidly grows, we continue to look to develop our internal talent to take on these roles. Our talent management process ensures we put people at the forefront of all our strategic decision-making for the long-term future of our portfolio.

  • Knowledge Sharing

    Knowledge Sharing

    Lumine promotes knowledge sharing and collaboration to help strengthen and grow our talent and businesses. This takes many forms, including our knowledge, process and tools repository, the Lumine Group Playbook. As well, active peer-to-peer networking and professional development events and conferences are held each year –– a fundamental part of our culture.

  • Incentives


    Managers are eligible to participate in the bonus program of Lumine Group (TSXV:LMN).  This serves as a strong incentive for professional managers and results in competitive spirit, motivation, and retention.

Connecting the Ecosystem

At Lumine, we organize events that bring together and enable growth opportunities for individuals across the global Lumine ecosystem.  

Impact Leadership Summit

The Impact Leadership Summit brings together CEOs and business leaders across the Lumine portfolio for a series of knowledge-sharing sessions, case-based exercises, and an opportunity to build in-person connections with peers across the ecosystem.

We believe great leaders leave a lasting impact on their teams and organizations that is felt across the industry. Impact Leaders influence, motivate, and take pride in their ability to drive positive change.

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Illuminate is Lumine's largest gathering of leaders, bringing together CEOs, department leads, and domain experts across the Lumine ecosystem to exchange ideas, share best practices, and learn from one another.

Illuminate brings together over 200 leaders across Lumine for four days of programming, networking, and compelling conversation. This much-anticipated event provides an opportunity to share best practices and strengthen connections within the Lumine ecosystem. 

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