Adeetya Kaul

Manager, Mergers & Acquisitions

Toronto, Canada

Adeetya Kaul

Adeetya Kaul is a Mergers & Acquisitions Manager at Lumine Group.

Adeetya joined Lumine Group after working as a Mergers and Acquisitions Associate at a software private equity firm, and prior to that, as a Financial Analyst. He holds a Master of Finance degree from McGill University.

Beyond work, Adeetya enjoys making personal investments, CrossFit, and trying new restaurants.

Q: What excites you most about the future of technology?

The rapid pace of technological advancement is incredibly promising. From AI to IoT, the potential for innovation across the telecom industry and the impact on day-to-day lives is vast. The IoT new use cases, specifically, agriculture, connected cars, and smart metering could be transformative for the industry and have the potential to have significant social and environmental benefits.

Q: What has been one of your favourite moments as part of Lumine?

One of the highlights of my time in the company has to be the Lumine listing on the TSX-V. It was a culmination of over a year’s worth of effort for the whole team and it was gratifying to see the public markets award us for our history and performance.

Q: What makes Lumine Group unique? 

It would overlap with the same reason why Lumine's employee retention is so high; the culture of meritocracy, mutual respect, and curiosity that resonates in our interactions with the management of potential sellers. Also, our sector-specific focus has allowed us to develop an unparalleled ecosystem of the world’s largest telco and media companies which can enable portfolio companies to unlock hidden opportunities.

Q: What values do you live by?

Empathy, integrity, curiosity, and continuous growth.