Connor Ennis

Director, Corporate Development

Toronto, Canada

Connor Ennis - 2021 Volaris Lumine-Headshot-BANNER-07-v1

Connor Ennis serves as M&A, Corporate Development Director at Lumine Group.

With a strong understanding of the communications and media space, Connor plays a key role in growing the Lumine Group portfolio by identifying synergistic businesses within the space that can strengthen the Lumine ecosystem. Before entering the world of software, Connor played Division 1 football at Washington State University and the University of Toronto.

If you’re interested in connecting with Connor to learn more about Lumine Group and opportunities for your business, please connect with him via email or LinkedIn.

Q. What values do you live by?

Consistency, optimism, open-mindedness.

Q. What makes an acquisition with Lumine Group unique?

Lumine’s buy-and-hold and forever approach. Because of this, we place extra emphasis on developing relationships with management teams. When you and your business join Lumine Group, you can feel comforted knowing that the business is in a safe and permanent home. Our team will be here for constant support, and we’re here to share knowledge, resources, and best practices to grow together.

Quote To Live By

“Play the next play.”