Jude Murray

Associate, Corporate Development

Cape Town, South Africa


Jude Murray is a Corporate Development Associate based in Cape Town, South Africa. Jude focuses on strategic acquisition opportunities in EMEA and specializes in emerging markets.  

Before joining Lumine, Jude counts 6+ years of experience in a corporate development & project management role in the Power & Energy and Pharmaceutical sectors. He has worked extensively across Southern Africa and the Iberian Peninsula in Western Europe.

His hobbies revolve around health and fitness, with regular exercise and sport being how he spends most of his spare time. In 2021, Jude won the IFBB Western Cape Men’s Physique division and was selected to represent my province at the IFBB South African Championships where he placed top 5 in the country in his division. 

Q: What excites you most about the future of technology?

What excites me are the brand-new methods in which technology is enabling us to communicate and share our thoughts and perspectives with each other on a global scale.

Q: What has been one of your favourite moments as part of Lumine?

The experience of interacting daily with brilliant, highly talented individuals both within Lumine and with the companies we interact and collaborate with.

Q: What makes an acquisition with Lumine Group unique? If you were selling your business, why would you sell to us?

The preservation of legacy and the story behind building a great company. What would draw me to Lumine as a company owner is the respect given to what I have built and the insurance of longevity that joining the Lumine Group portfolio brings.

Q: What values do you live by?

Consistency of action, transparent communication, & ruthless self-awareness.

"I am fascinated by the diversity of thought and action in people, and I strive to establish real connection with the individuals I engage with."