Letter from Lumine Group's CEO

In this letter, Lumine Group CEO David Nyland reflects on key moments from 2022 and what is next for Lumine in 2023

David Nyland Portrait2022 was another transformative year for Lumine Group. The momentum from our December announcements is carrying us into the new year, and we are motivated by what is to come.

In December, Lumine, with our parent company Constellation Software, announced that we had reached an agreement to acquire WideOrbit, and had filed a preliminary prospectus in connection with a proposed Lumine Group Spin Out.

This is exciting news, signifying the next step in our journey towards building the world's leading network of communications & media software companies. Since our inception, our focus has been on building a strong market share within the telecommunications industry, and today we proudly count industry-leading companies within our portfolio of companies (read more about those below).

As we look to what’s ahead, we are excited to dive deeper into the media space during this period of rapid innovation, and partner with WideOrbit to assist us in navigating the ecosystem and pursuing further acquisitions.

In December, we also announced the carve-out acquisition of Wiztivi, a leader in building enthralling user experiences, video applications, and cloud gaming solutions across all screens, from SFR. Earlier in the year, we announced the acquisition of TOMIA, an innovator and leader in global connectivity monetization solutions.  

2022 reminded us of the value of in-person meetings. Once pandemic restrictions were lifted, we took the opportunity to bring together a group of leaders for two different summits this year.

  • In May, we hosted Impact. Impact is a leadership summit that brings together CEOs and business leaders across Lumine for a series of knowledge sharing sessions, case-based exercises, and an opportunity to build in-person connections. You can read more about the event, here.
  • In October, we hosted the Strengthening Summit. The Strengthening Summit was created to connect new acquisitions to leaders within the Lumine ecosystem, to hear first-hand the positive impact of utilizing Lumine Group's Playbook, and to learn from our best practices. The team shared some key takeaways here.

The sessions were led by Lumine’s domain experts, who are authors of the Lumine Group Playbook. We are continuously adding to this playbook, featuring new learnings and best practices for strengthening and growing communications & media software companies. We will be launching a new edition of this Playbook later this quarter, featuring learnings from this past year.

After nearly three years of no travel or in-person meetings, bringing people together for events like this is a true privilege. This spring, we are excited to relaunch Illuminate, our largest knowledge-sharing event for Lumine leaders across the portfolio. Illuminate will take place in Bangkok, Thailand and will be attended by 250+ of our leaders from around the world including Canada, USA, UK, France, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, Israel, Portugal, India, and South Africa. Lumine celebrates a culture of knowledge sharing, where individuals are continuously learning. We take ownership in feats or failures, and share lessons learned along the way. Illuminate is the embodiment of this, with curated programming intended to be hyper-relevant, providing actionable takeaways for attendees to drive instant impact within their teams and organizations. The countdown is on!

Our team is also preparing to be back on the road attending trade shows around the world. First on our list, we are excited to return to Mobile World Congress next month in Barcelona. If you are attending and interested in meeting with a member of our team, please get in touch.

Throughout the year, it was fantastic to see several Lumine companies receive industry recognition as leaders and innovators. Congratulations to all involved. Most notably, I'd like to highlight:

  • Lifecycle Software for being named BSS/OSS Solution of the Year at the MVNOs World Award, an industry-recognized award that spotlights innovation and excellence in advancing and transforming today's telecoms industry with Business Support Solutions. Read more here.
  • Incognito Software Systems, whose Digital Experience KPI Analytics, User Services Platform, Unified Enterprise IoT Platform, and Broadband Command Center, all received industry recognition and various awards. You can read the full list year here.

2022 inspired us to believe that with dedication and focus, anything is possible. We have had our eyes set on ambitious goals for some time, and to see progress is motivating and humbling. I am continuously thankful to all who work hard to drive the future of Lumine and provide a stronger, more connected world for our employees, customers, and companies. For our 1500+ employees and 1000+ customers around the world, our ecosystem is getting bigger and brighter, and we are grateful to all who are part of the journey.

As a founder, entrepreneur, or business owner, if you are considering starting a new chapter for your business, and interested in learning more about Lumine as we embark on our own new chapter, now is a great time to get in touch. We are always open to a conversation.

Wishing you the very best in 2023.

Onwards & upwards!

David Nyland