Empowering Future Leaders: Lumine Group's Investment in Women in Business

March 2024 3S8A0083_2

This past International Women’s Day Weekend, Lumine Group was a Diamond Sponsor for Dalhousie University’s Women in Business Association (WIBA) flagship conference, ‘Purpose.’ The theme of this year’s event aimed to focus on topics and conversations that empowered women pursuing a career in business to ignite passion to discover their purpose, foster connections, and amplify their impact.

‘Purpose’ is WIBA’s biggest event of the year, funded entirely by corporate sponsors, including Lumine Group. It offers a unique blend of professional development opportunities, networking with industry leaders and peers, and inspiration from experienced and well-versed women at different stages of their professional journeys. It fosters interdisciplinary learning and community building, empowering members with the skills, knowledge, and connections needed to excel in the workforce—an event positioned to nurture an environment where women can thrive professionally and personally.

During the event, Lumine Group’s VP of Human Resources, Amy Benoit, delivered a keynote speech sharing insights from her career journey, highlighting courage, curiosity, and confidence as key attributes that shaped her path.

“Today, I'll share how courage, curiosity, and confidence were pivotal in navigating my career,” Amy addressed the audience of 100+ students. Below, take a look to learn more about the meaning behind these three pillars. 


Courage is the willingness to pursue your priorities, even when it means deviating from the norm or facing uncertainty. It's about taking leaps into the unknown, like relocating for a job opportunity or navigating tough times with resilience and unwavering commitment to personal values. Courage empowers you to embrace challenges, learn from failures, and ultimately emerge stronger, proud, and grateful for the journey.


Curiosity drives a thirst for knowledge and understanding, driving success across diverse industries and roles. From exploring every facet of a company to implementing new solutions, curiosity fuels problem-solving and growth. It inspires a data-driven, objective approach, encouraging exploration beyond your immediate responsibilities and embracing challenges with an open mind. With curiosity, there's a willingness to learn, adapt, and collaborate, acknowledging that perfection isn't necessary... but continuous improvement is essential.


Confidence is the belief in oneself to navigate life's challenges and succeed, paired with the courage to take risks. It involves resilience, self-awareness, and the ability to handle difficult emotions while maintaining belief in your capacity to bounce back and grow from experiences, regardless of outcomes. 3S8A9941

"Go forward with the commitment to growth," said Amy. "Every moment that occurs is a chance to learn – good, bad, ugly, or indifferent. Be curious and find a morsel of learning in everything you do.”

Following the keynote, Amy and Erini Andriopoulos, Lumine’s Senior Director of Marketing & Communications, spent time meeting with the audience of students, offering guidance on career paths in human resources and marketing.

Lumine’s sponsorship of the event aligns with our mission to invest in the future, fueled by the belief that supporting students builds a foundation for a brighter future. Through additional initiatives like the ‘Future Leaders in Business & Finance’ scholarship, Lumine continues to empower students by offering financial support and opportunities for growth.

As a closing thought, Amy left the audience with a question. "What can you do differently to illuminate your courage, curiosity, and confidence?" 

The Future Leaders in Business & Finance Scholarship is Now Open

Lumine Group is currently accepting applications for the third cohort of the ‘Future Leaders in Business & Finance’ scholarship, offering five students a $3000 CAD scholarship with an opportunity for career coaching.