Lumine Companies Attend the Arch Summit

In an event held by Vodafone for customers and partners, leading mobile & wireless technology companies gathered for an event focused on innovating with impact.

The Arch Summit, one of Europe’s leading tech events for technology businesses worldwide, took place in Luxembourg on October 26 and 27, 2022. The two-day event driven by Vodafone's global ecosystem of customers, partners, and industry thought leaders, allows organizations to explore next-gen technology innovation with the opportunity to connect with international decision-makers and investors in the space. 

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At the Arch Summit, 7 Lumine companies shared a communal booth space (pictured right) to exhibit their companies and meet with customers. By exhibiting together, customers and attendees of the Arch Summit had the opportunity to meet Lumine companies and get a sense of what the Lumine ecosystem has to offer.

As part of Lumine Group, companies have the opportunity to share best practices and collaborate with sister companies. In many cases, portfolio companies will exhibit at the same tradeshow, but in those cases, they are independent booths. The Arch Summit was unique in that the companies were exhibiting together, leaning on each other's strengths to highlight greater value to their customers. 

The event program showcased a compelling schedule of keynotes, panels, and masterclasses on a variety of technology trends that featured several influential leaders from large organizations, governments, tech start-ups, and NGOs.

Read below to learn more about our portfolio companies who attended the Arch Summit to showcase their business solutions:

Collab is a Next-Gen Contact Center Software company headquartered in Lisbon, Portugal, with a strong heritage of innovation. It has been providing award-winning platforms to businesses of all sizes around the world for 15+ years. Collab put together a short video recapping the Arch Summit, which you can watch here.

1Flash Networks is a leading provider of optimization and monetization solutions, and at the show, showcased solutions for mobile networks that lower radio costs, increase revenue, and provide subscribers with cyber security services.

Incognito Software Systems helps global service providers accelerate and innovate their broadband services with cutting-edge solutions. They highlighted their latest OSS solutions for broadband service and device management that help operators reduce time-to-market for new revenue opportunities and boost subscribers' quality of experience.

Lifecycle Software is at the forefront of innovation when it comes to simple, highly automated BSS solutions. They shed light on how they enable MNOs and MVNOs to succeed in telecoms without the need for large teams.

Neural Technologies delivers market-leading business solutions to help grow, assure, and protect your revenue and business against fraud, bad debt, leakage, and other revenue-impacting events, whilst increasing your bottom line and enhancing customer experience.

Sicap creates seamless and secure connectivity across mobile, tablet, and wearable devices. Sicap’s specialized device management hub equips CSPs to manage the next generation of connected devices, reducing time to market for new services and improving service quality. The mobile user experience becomes smoother and more intuitive, while operators are able to get to know their customers better, tailoring services and driving increased revenue.

Velocix builds open, modular software platforms that span cloud and on-premises networks to efficiently record, store, stream, and monetize video and other media content. At the summit, they highlighted their latest cloud-capable video applications, including hybrid-cloud content delivery, multi-CDN switching, open caching, recording management, and analytics.