Virtual Onboarding Tips

Here are 8 tips from Lumine Group’s HR team to help set employees up for success.

Beginning a new job is always stressful, even more so in the current virtual working environment. From recruitment to onboarding, open and transparent communications is key. This is crucial in building trust with both managers and the organization.


According to recent studies, 69 percent of workers are more likely to stay with a company for three years or more if they experience an optimum onboarding process.

We spoke with Alex Asaad, Director, Talent Acquisition and Beatriz Albuquerque, HR Manager who are a core part of Lumin
e Group’s HR team to learn more about how organization's can help set employees up for success. Here are 8 great tips that can help with the virtual onboarding process.

1 Introduction
HR Introduction

Prior to starting a new role, it is important that new hires are introduced to direct managers, HRBP, and IT specialists to set up the tools needed to do the job, such as email, equipment, benefits, payroll and so on. Make new hires feel welcomed by providing them with a company welcome kit and personalized swag. 

2 Inclusivity
HR Inclusivity

Make the new hire feel included by inviting them to upcoming social company events or team outings prior to their joining date. Mingling with future teammates and colleagues can make them feel comfortable.

3 Check-Ins
HR Check In

Check-in with new employees to ensure they have everything they need and set up expectations for who to talk to on their first day. Help calm their nerves by preparing them for what to expect.

4 Goal Setting
HR Goal Setting

Once onboarding begins, introduce a 30-60-90-day plan with detailed expectations, goals, stakeholders, and check-in points. This allows new hires to track their progress and stay on top of goals.

5 Team
HR Team

Make proper introductions with peers, clients, and stakeholders and assign a mentor or “work buddy.” It is essential to get to know your team and learn more about their roles and responsibilities.

6 Resources
headshot LCS-modified (19)

Provide all the appropriate tools, training and reading materials required for the new employee to execute day-to-day activities and tasks.

7 Virtual Safe Space
HR Virtual Safe Space

Provide a virtual safe space for ongoing questions, inquiries, and training, such as adding them to a team’s channel where they can ask questions or advice from their immediate team.

8 Follow Up
HR Follow Up

Check-in weekly for the first month, through a virtual call and provide continuous feedback on progress. Follow up at the 90-day mark to assess progress and challenges in their current role.


Studies show organizations that make employees feel heard and valued are more likely to see better retention rates, productivity, and customer experiences. By implementing an effective virtual onboarding process, you’re kickstarting a great employee-employer relationship, and setting the tone for an engaged and effective workforce.

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