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Lumine Group Acquires Sicap

January 15, 2018 - TORONTO, ON - Lumine Group (“Lumine”) today announced that it has completed its seventh acquisition in the Communications vertical with the acquisition of SICAP Schweiz AG (“Sicap”), a global mobile device management provider to Mobile Network Operators and Mobile Virtual Network Operators, Enablers and Aggregators.

Sicap’s solution portfolio helps mobile service providers with customer insight and engagement, device and SIM management, and mobile security. More recently, Sicap has extended its solution capabilities into enterprise mobility management and Internet of Things (IoT) service enablement.

Sicap’s solutions are deployed in 76 countries with over 120 customer implementations across South East Asia, Eastern Europe and Middle East & Africa. Sicap’s tier-one mobile operating group customers include Vodafone, VEON, MTN, Zain, and Orange.

“We are excited to bring this asset into our portfolio to complement our existing portfolio companies and accelerate Lumine’s expansion into the mobile device management and monetization space. The acquisition of Sicap enables us to capture the full market opportunity of future high growth market trends including e-SIM, IoT, and 5G networks, which require many more devices and increase the complexity for our operator customers to support these devices,” said David Nyland, Portfolio Leader and President, Lumine Group. “We believe that Lumine has the unique capability and capacity to invest in accelerating the growth of Sicap, evolve its product-line, and expand its services and support capabilities worldwide.”

“With Lumine Group we found a partner that not only has a deep understanding of our industry but also showed a continuous track record in constantly growing companies they had acquired through best practice sharing and targeted investments into their growth areas,” said Markus Doetsch, Sicap’s CEO. “I am excited to continue Sicap’s success story that started nearly two decades ago (as a subsidiary of Swisscom) under the new ownership of Lumine Group.”

Sicap is headquartered in Baar, Switzerland, with a regional presence in France, India, South Africa, and Tunisia. The company continues to be led by Markus Doetsch, Sicap’s CEO, with oversight from Lumine.

(Note: At the time of the acquisition, Lumine Group was known as Volaris Group Communications & Media. Changes have been made in this press release to replace “Volaris Group Communications & Media” with “Lumine Group”.)