As a general guideline, we look for the following:

Communications & Media Market Focus

Lumine Group acquires businesses that focus exclusively on a vertical market niche inside the communications and media domain where they have #1 or #2 level of market share. Market niches can be based on market segment, software use case, the tier of customer, and geography.


Lumine Group acquires software businesses that have proven mission-critical software that solves a major operational need within their customers’ business. As a result, customer attrition (churn) is historically low over a long period of time.

Customer Diversification

Lumine Groups businesses typically have a low-concentration customer base so there is little dependency on a single or a small number of customers. Some businesses are locally focused in a region such as Scandinavia or the UK, and others are truly global with customers on many continents.

Range of Profiles

Lumine Group acquires businesses ranging in size of employees, revenues, and ranges of profitability. Every acquisition is influenced by multiple variables, and we actively seek to learn about a company beyond the initial profile. We remain open and receptive to exploring the full potential of each opportunity.

Hear From Our People

Why did Flash Networks, an Israel-based provider of optimization solutions that enables telecommunications operators, choose Lumine Group as the right new home for their business? In this short case study, we learn three reasons why Flash believed Lumine Group was the right acquirer to drive Flash into its next chapter with a focus on global expansion.

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