Lumine’s focus is always long-term. If you’re looking for a permanent home for your company, and value decentralization, autonomy, and long-term investment, Lumine may be the right fit.


Lumine Group provides a smooth transition for newly acquired businesses. Customers, partners and employees will not notice much day to day change in operations. In the long run, the most notable difference is stronger business performance, accelerated growth, and continuous innovation.


The Lumine Playbook offers 250+ best practices related to strengthening, operating, and growing your business. Lumine provides access to capital for organic and M&A-related investments and assist with the professional development and training of management teams.

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Lumine’s businesses operate independently in a decentralized structure. At Lumine, we believe in our business leaders who have intimate knowledge of their unique markets to drive growth and success.


As well as acquiring stand-alone businesses, Lumine also specializes in corporate divestitures. We have completed several acquisition from corporate sellers including the Messaging & NetworkX business units from Synchronoss, Titan.ium from NetNumber, and Velocix and Motive from Nokia.


Lumine facilitates collaboration between businesses, and this synergy happens naturally. Lumine has a decentralized operating model where leaders run their businesses and can assess synergies within the portfolio.

Our Mission

We empower our businesses

At Lumine Group, we believe in the long-term success of your business. We use best practices to empower teams with the knowledge and expertise to make the best decisions for their business.

We believe in entrepreneurs and their dreams

We operate with an entrepreneurial spirit –– we embrace critical thinking, innovation, and constant learning. Whether you are looking to continue your business journey or start a new chapter and ensure your business is in good hands, Lumine can get you there.

We are perpetually learning, and continue to evolve

We learn from each other. In addition to Illuminate, an annual event bringing together company leaders and up-and-comers, we also host departmental and company-wide knowledge-sharing events throughout the year. On a more regular basis, we encourage our team members to collaborate and learn from each other’s best practices.

We are optimistic, we focus on the positive

The communications and media industry is evolving at an accelerating pace worldwide, which presents itself tremendous opportunity. As optimists, we are always looking ahead. We value the learnings from our past, and believe they are critical to making the best decisions for our future.

We are transparent in how we do business

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