Aleyant's automated print software solutions create a solid foundation for growing print media businesses (and customer count) by automating daily print processes such as ordering, pricing, file correction, production, customer service and more.

  • Founded: 2005
  • Acquired: 2018
  • Portfolio: Tony Garcia
  • Headquarters: Illinois, USA
  • Industry: Print & Media
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Market Offering

Aleyant’s automation print software reduces manual touches, errors and production time for your print shop. With it, you can connect online design to B2C and B2B online print stores. Connect your print store to estimating, production management and to customer service and prepress automation. You can use Aleyant software products separately, together or with over 1500 third-party apps via direct API or Zapier.


Aleyant services all segments of the print industry and supports all sizes of operations.

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