Printing United Expo '22

The entire printing industry in one place

Printing United Expo took place in Las Vegas from October 19-21, 2022. The emphasis of Printing United is on the “united” part, as it has been designed to bring together all the different “silos” of the industry including commercial, wide format, packaging and labeling, textiles, and much more.

This year we saw over 600 exhibitors and manufacturers all come under one roof to showcase their latest hardware and software solutions.

Connor Ennis, Corporate Development Director at Lumine Group represented Lumine at the show. We also had our portfolio company Aleyant exhibit at the expo showcasing their print workflow solutions that help automate daily print processes such as ordering, pricing, file correction, production, customer service, and much more.

With the age of digitalization, the lines have started to blur between hardware and software solutions as print providers seek newer opportunities and revenue streams. A lot of hardware manufacturers featured software capabilities, and we will see a lot more businesses in the coming years either potentially merging or looking to build a full product portfolio to be able to alienate themselves from other third parties and be able to deliver a complete functional solution from beginning to end.

Connor Ennis - 2021 Volaris Lumine-Headshots-08-COLOR-v1

“There are several segments within commercial printing that have become oversaturated from a pricing and customer loyalty standpoint that have opened the doors for software solutions that revolve around packaging, labeling, postage, and even direct mailing,” said Connor. “Everyone is trying to find a way to get a piece of the pie and trying to look beyond the commercial market to increase margins and build stronger client relationships.”

The print space went through quite a bit of a transformation during the pandemic. Companies began to realize that they need to be more digitally accessible and were on a constant lookout for greater automation to reduce human touchpoints at multiple stages of the production cycle. Automation not only reduces production workflow efficiencies but also helps the industry overcome the massive challenge of attracting and retaining skilled labor.

Lumine is a leading acquirer of software businesses in the media and communications landscape. We provide our portfolio companies with the support they need and help them grow within our ecosystem. Aleyant has a wealth of experience in the print software space, and provides Lumine portfolio companies with exposure into the evolving print software industry and enabling us to capture the full market opportunity of future high-growth market trends within the space.

Reach out if you think Lumine could be a fit for your business to help you grow in this dynamic market. Let’s discuss how Lumine can help your business achieve its unique objectives.