MWC24: Spotlight on the Lumine Ecosystem

Learn about the Lumine companies heading to MWC

February 2024

At Lumine, our mission is to illuminate the potential of communications & media software companies within our portfolio, and the industry at large. Our portfolio includes 28 companies serving over 1000 customers worldwide, and at MWC, one of the largest communications events in the world, several Lumine companies participate to reconnect with customers and take part in one of the industry's most influential shows. 

By leveraging the opportunities available at MWC, businesses can not only showcase their products and services but also establish valuable partnerships and gain insights from industry peers. 

We wish all portfolio companies the best of luck at MWC. If you are interested in learning more about companies attending the show, read below. 

Titan.ium is a leader in signaling, routing, subscriber data management, and security software and services. Titan.ium supports any network, domain, signaling protocol, and infrastructure with advanced routing capabilities and a unified end-user experience.

MWC24 Participation: This year Titan.ium is exhibiting with another Lumine portfolio company, Neural Technologies to showcase their signaling and security software solutions for communications service providers.

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2[1]-1TOMIA is an innovator and leader in global monetization solutions. Their software optimizes and orchestrates critical inter-carrier business processes.

MWC24 Participation: Visit their booth to learn more about how their 5G technology enhances roaming business decisions. Discover how to streamline the IoT wholesale agreement lifecycle, from segmentation to settlement, and unlock new revenue streams through enterprise use cases.

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Incognito Software Systems provides service orchestration software and services solutions that help fixed service providers manage the next-generation broadband experience.

MWC24 Participation: Incognito's industry experts will showcase their latest product innovations around broadband service orchestration, device management, and network analytics.

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MDS Global powers digital telcos for profit growth. They are a provider of Converged Business Support Systems (BSS) offering Monetization, Customer Experience, eSIM, and AI-powered Decision Intelligence solutions for B2B and B2C customers.

MWC24 Participation: Their booth will showcase how they can help telcos excel in the digital era. With their unique telecom operator heritage, they deeply understand what it takes to be a successful telco. 

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WDS-SICAP are leading providers of telecom business intelligence and device management solutions. Enabling millions of customer journeys every day through their range of capabilities covering Mobile, Broadband/IoT, and Subscriber management. 

MWC24 Participation: Visit their booth for a first-hand experience of their groundbreaking products.

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Lifecycle Software empowers brands and provides boundless connections. From onboarding to engagement and upselling, their software underpins vital services, enabling millions of people to communicate daily.

MWC24 Participation: Lifecycle Software to help your company discover how to connect your customers to extraordinary experiences. 

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Velocix is a provider of carrier-grade video streaming and advertising technology and they are
Making Video Personal, on every connected screen.

MWC24 Participation: Velocix will be highlighting its 5G Edge-cloud CDN and mobile-optimized request routing, which can achieve a step-change in 5G streaming performance by delivering content from an MEC framework using elastic caches. 

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Flash Networks is a provider of Radio Optimization and Security solutions for network operators. They provide product solutions for optimization and monetization that enable operators to improve RAN spectral efficiency, boost network speed, optimize video and web traffic, and generate over-the-top revenues from the mobile Internet.

MWC24 Participation: Flash Networks is at the show to discuss how their super-fast ROI solution can improve your customer experience, how to rank higher in benchmark tests, how to launch cybersecurity services for your users, and more.

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Collab is a contact center software company focused on innovation. With their unique strategies and R&D capabilities, Collab has gained customers and partners all over the world in key areas of Telecommunications, Banking, Healthcare, and Government.

MWC24 Participation: They're eager to meet industry peers, discuss potential collaborations, and explore the latest in tech. 

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Neural Technologies is a global brand with industry-leading experience in providing modular revenue protection, digital integration, signaling, AI-machine learning (AI/ML) software that is helping businesses protect and grow their top and bottom line.

MWC24 Participation: Gearing up to showcase groundbreaking products and solutions at MWC24. 

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7[1]-1Advantage 360 is a converged platform providing Tier 3 and 4 emerging markets operators with retail customer management, through point of sales, accounting, mediation, fulfillment, and assurance functions.

MWC24 Participation: Visit their booth to explore their extensive suite of operations, billing, and loyalty features that can elevate your bottom line. Discover key highlights, including OSS/BSS convergence, multi-play bundled services, home automation, and new revenue-generating concepts. 

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MWC Blog 2  Photos for Web-1Kansys is a provider of billing software and services that help communications and enterprise businesses monetize complex businesses at scale. 

MWC24 Participation: Kansys team members will be on the ground connecting with customers  

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