Reflecting on TM Forum's DTW 2023

Key insights and highlights from the show

Looking back on our time at DTW23 (Digital Transformation World)– Ignite, our team shares themes and insights that unfolded on the show floor.

Hosted by TM Forum and held in the vibrant city of Copenhagen, Denmark, DTW23 brought together more than 3,700 attendees from 114 countries, all focused on the pressing need for communications service providers (CSPs) to adapt, simplify, modernize, and automate to thrive in the evolving landscape.
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TM Forum, a global alliance of over 800 companies spanning 180 countries, acts as a catalyst for change by bridging the gap between digital service providers, technology suppliers, consultancies, and system integrators. DTW23 – Ignite served as a dynamic platform for industry pioneers to share ground-breaking innovations, market trends, product launches, and transformational journeys.

Reflecting on the electric atmosphere of any event can be challenging, but we aim to capture the essence of DTW23 through the lens of Lumine’s Vice President of Corporate Development, Elliot Yunger, who shares what he’s still thinking about long after the tradeshow doors have closed.

Going Green Toward a Sustainable Future

We continue to see telcos shift to going green. From transitioning networks and infrastructure to greener options, to the strategies and initiatives we heard emphasizing the reduction of carbon footprints, CSPs are focused on emissions reduction which in turn, can drive brand loyalty and enhance consumer experience (Accenture, 2022).

The event’s host city of Copenhagen is also a great example of this sustainability model. Denmark is a leading model of urban sustainability and one of the greenest cities in the world as it continues its bid to become carbon-neutral by 2025.

Open API and Standardization in Telcos

We are continuing to see the importance of open API in the telecom industry and how it's facilitating seamless connections between telcos and vendors. There is an ongoing need for standardized systems and frameworks to create an open ecosystem. This should allow Service Providers to more efficiently launch new products to market and improve customer experience (TM Forum, 2023).

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Industry Insights and Celebrating Wins

Our presence at these events is not only about gaining a first-hand look at the latest industry trends or expanding our network but also championing the achievements of our portfolio companies.

Amongst those changemakers is the team at Incognito Software Systems, who developed a catalyst project where they proposed a solution enabling CSPs and vendors to better monetize their investments, as well as deliver improved business flexibility for their customers. Their efforts were recognized as finalists for the Best New Catalyst in Show award.

In alignment with the event's focus on open APIs, TM Forum introduced an Open API Manifesto, a commitment to developing and using open APIs to accelerate innovation and collaboration in the telecommunications industry. We applaud Lifecycle Software’s contribution to this initiative.

As we look back on DTW23, we emphasize the importance of engaging in industry gatherings like these to successfully navigate the ever-evolving telecommunications and media landscape.

Up Next: See you at MVNO Nation

Where in the world will Lumine be next? Mark your calendars for MVNO Nation in Valencia, Spain. The event will take place from October 23 through to the 25, and we hope you’ll connect with us to set up a one-on-one meeting. In the meantime, stay updated with our latest developments and insights by following us on LinkedIn and X, (formerly Twitter).



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