Acquire, Strengthen, Grow: 3 Pillars of Proven Success

At Lumine Group, we are committed to the three pillars of our mission “acquire, strengthen and grow”. When properly executed, the “acquire” facet of this equation serves as the entry point in our lifelong journey with a business. Post-acquisition, our focus is on taking businesses to the next level of strength and growth by investing heavily in;

1. Building an Ecosystem

Building an ecosystem of synergistic businesses requires discipline and time. We do not simply look to acquire any business that seems like a reasonable fit, rather, we search for businesses that are complementary to our existing portfolios. Ultimately, this provides Lumine Group with an ecosystem of loosely connected companies where business leaders can leverage a community abundant with knowledge, innovation, partnership, and customer relationships. In this community, business leaders often work together to create more comprehensive solutions to deliver to the niche markets they serve. Not only does this collaboration reduce the inherent risks associated with new R&D and geographical expansion projects, but it also improves each businesses’ unique defendable market position.

2. Developing a Full Footprint

There are several organic benefits business leaders reap by joining our group. Namely, they have the ability to autonomously operate their mid-sized business, with the capital and support of a larger corporate entity behind them. This allows us to make calculated investments in geographic expansion and further develop new and existing solutions. To complete the value chain, business leaders are empowered to pursue relevant M&A opportunities that will strengthen and solidify their market position. Investments of this scale are possible because we focus on long-term value creation and have the perseverance to weather multiple market cycles.

3. Localized Empowerment

At Lumine Group, we see that the benefits of decentralized functional groups far outweigh the power of centralized resources. Although this is not a common practice or belief, it is one that has been proven through decades of acquisition experience. Operating will full autonomy empowers managers and employees who have spent years building the business to where it is today to continue to do the things that create value in their markets. Combining this autonomy with a wealth of access to Lumine Group best practices, advice and financial support, allows local managers to excel in all disciplines and propel their businesses into a new era of sustained growth and prosperity.

“Acquire, strengthen, grow” epitomizes much more than a mission. It represents a philosophy and a carefully crafted journey that we take with all of our businesses. If this sounds like something of interest, drop us a note at the top of the page.