Spotlight on Lumine’s Women Leaders

On International Women’s Day, we are celebrating the success of women across the world, including right here at Lumine Group. To shine a light on some of the incredible women leadership within Lumine, we invited four women for a discussion around developing a career in communications and media, and why they believe more women should be joining the industry.

These four women lead international teams across finance, marketing, human resources, and managed services. Hear from Dipalli Bhatt, Caitriona Birmingham, Amy Benoit, and Pearl Gupta, as they reflect and answer, What influenced you to pursue a career in communications and media technology, and why should more women join the industry?

Caitriona Bermingham, Head of Professional Services, MDS Global

“That can simply be summed up in one-word: challenge.”

If I am completely honest and reflect on the naive 17-year-old trying to pick a career that would shape my entire future, it simply came down to ‘well I like computers’ and ‘where are the jobs?’. My strengths in school were Maths and Science subjects, so it seemed a logical direction.

Caitriona Bermingham, Head of Professional Services, MDS Globa

Reflecting on my career today, I think the question would be what has influenced me to continue to work and progress a career in communications and media technology. That can simply be summed up in one-word, Challenge. The communications and media technology sector is so diverse, and even within one vertical and one company, the span of roles and opportunities is immense. I have progressed my career from a Software Production Engineer to Head of Professional Services and the ability to always develop and grow, has always challenged and appealed to me. Even now, every day is a new learning experience, and I don’t think that will end anytime soon.

So why should more women join the industry? Well, I believe with any profession diversity is a key factor in success. There is no one way to do something and having many individuals who come from different backgrounds and perspectives helps to ensure that all considerations are tabled, and the most rounded decisions are then made. Women have a vital role in this process, both from helping to shape our technical future to also shaping the culture their organisations embody. So, if technology appeals to you or if you like problem-solving (the underlying remit of technology companies is to solve various different world problems –– from how to bill a customer, to how to track the COVID-19 vaccine rollout worldwide) then why not consider a role in technology? The industry will benefit from your unique perspective in life, and you will benefit from a challenging and rewarding career.

Dipalli Bhatt, Head of Marketing, Incognito Software Systems

“There has never been a more dynamic period to be in the telecommunications industry.”

Coming from a Telecom professionals’ family, I always felt that the media and telecommunications industry were an extension of my life. Staring my career in the media field with a software company that was eventually bought by media conglomerate Disney, I realized how the world was quickly moving towards monetizing entertainment platforms. I saw the world moving faster as the media, entertainment, and telecommunications industry converged to create history.

There has never been a more dynamic period to be in the telecommunications industry. The dawn of the smartphone era and increasing access to broadband has enabled the development of a massive range of digital services, from gaming and mobile commerce to the sharing economy’s birth. It is driving the explosive growth in the data flowing over telecom operators’ networks. It is truly the golden age of the telecom and media industry.

As a marketer, I have seen consumers pushing businesses to change their business models and redefine the definition of ‘value.’Consumers, whether end-users or enterprises using the telecommunication systems, are in the driving seat. It also requires a fresh look at the skills available to the sector. It is no longer an industry of network engineers and systems administrators but software developers, marketers, entrepreneurs, and data scientists.

In addition to the skills, we need to understand the symphony between arts and maths. The design of a logo is a marketing function, but it involves the genius of computer science and design synthesis.

Industries are changing, and attracting more women to the telecommunications industry, particularly to jobs requiring science, technology, engineering, arts, and maths (STEAM) qualifications, is paramount. It is a long-term initiative that involves reshaping the image of a traditionally male-dominated industry and inspiring women and girls by the possibilities of working in this area.

It is the time to be at the center of the action. It is the time to be in the telecommunications and the media industry.

Pearl Gupta, VP Finance, Lumine Group

“To make a positive impact.”

When I was in school, “globalization” was a new concept. The discussion was primarily around manufacturing and offshore resourcing. Since then, technology has transformed this concept into much more. With a press of a button, I can video call friends and family overseas, access news and media across the globe, and even jump on a flight (pre-COVID) to almost anywhere in the world!

I joined Lumine to make a positive impact on the communications and media industry which influences so much of how we live and what we consume. It has allowed me to extend my network of women in technology beyond my location, company, or role. I encourage more women to join the industry and be a part of molding the future of “connected everything”.

Amy Benoit, VP Human Resources, Lumine Group

“I am fascinated as to how technology has become the backbone of the knowledge economy.”

Over the past 18 years, I have worked in a variety of industries from manufacturing, distribution, professional services, aerospace, and now communications, and media technology. Shortly after the onset of the global pandemic, I explored the opportunity to join the Lumine team. At that time, working in aerospace (an industry that was being devastated), I realized that I wanted to be part of an industry that is focused on growth and in a mission-critical space – communications and media technology.

I am fascinated as to how technology has become the backbone of the knowledge economy, which is changing the way we receive information, how we process it, how we work, and all at an unprecedented pace. Given this trajectory, we simply cannot afford to have any less than our whole population engaged and contributing to innovative solutions in tech.