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Introducing Lumine Group

When I first joined Volaris in 2013, I had a vision of building a Communications & Media portfolio that helped “good” communications and media software businesses become “great” communications and media software businesses and remain “great” on a sustainable basis.

With that in mind, we have been working hard to create a strong global ecosystem where our business units have resources to scale globally and our people, at the same time, are assisted with their professional development and provided with a family-like environment to unabashedly exchange and develop ideas.

Since the day of establishment, our portfolio has grown immensely, welcoming 16 new businesses with products ranging from fulfillment and assurance, to billing, to tower management, to mobile financial services, and to media content delivery.

We are doing well today, but we think we can do better by having more focus and agility. So, we have created a separate identity for our portfolio, called Lumine Group.

Why Lumine? Lumine takes root from the word “illuminate” demonstrating our mission to “illuminate” the potential of the businesses we acquire through best practices and talent management. Light is also the basis for our modern fiber-based communications and media infrastructure, implying our determination in harnessing a robust ecosystem within this burgeoning industry.

We want to keep the logo simple and professional, which is also how we run Lumine and our portfolio businesses. We nurture and care for the portfolio brands but are also a “flat” organization where autonomy is given to each unit as well as individuals. The black and white colour lasts the test of time, similar to the way Lumine will provide timeless protection to the legacy of entrepreneurs we acquire businesses from.

Lumine Logo

This new portfolio identity will allow Lumine to have more focus and autonomy on further expanding in a Communications & Media industry while carrying the group’s core philosophy as a buy-and-hold forever acquirer forward.

We have long believed that the sustainable growth of a business comes from two forms - organic growth and synergy. Therefore, especially in the Communications and Media industry, where we witness an accelerating pace, we will never stop improving our best practices and our financial model to maximize growth for our business units.

Lastly, we are excited at all the upcoming projects for Lumine and of course, everyone in the Lumine family will learn to get used to the new name soon!

If you are interested in getting in touch to learn more about Lumine Group and potential opportunities, please get in touch. Also, be sure to follow us on LinkedIn.

Onwards and upwards!

David Nyland

President, Lumine Group