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Lumine Group Acquires TransMedia Dynamics (TMD)

TORONTO, ON, March 4, 2021 – Lumine Group (“Lumine”), a division of Volaris Group focused in the communications and media vertical, today announced that it has completed the acquisition of TransMedia Dynamics (“TMD”). TMD is a provider of content supply chain software used by some of the world’s most visionary and innovative media & entertainment, government and archive organizations.

Founded in 1998, TMD has evolved its extensive product suite delivering solutions to major brands and institutions including Astro (Measat Broadcast Networks) Malaysia, Discovery Inc, National Film & Sound Archives of Australia, National Archives of Australia, RTÉ, Weigel, Wildbrain and Yle.

“Since our beginning, TMD’s vision has been to provide the global media marketplace with a content supply chain management platform incorporating media, digital and production asset management with workflow orchestration and resource management, that powers broadcasters and media organizations forward,” said Tony Taylor, Executive Chairman and Founder of TMD. “Lumine is a trusted acquirer of communications and media software businesses, with a proven track record of strengthening and growing them. We look forward to the global communications and media customer and partner ecosystem that Lumine brings, as well as access to a network of like-minded leaders across the world. Lumine will accelerate our ability to build on our vision and to create a global Cloud-based content supply chain platform, whilst continuing to provide our existing and future clients with the flexible solutions and services we have delivered over many years. We are thrilled to be part of Lumine.”

TMD will operate autonomously under Lumine, leveraging Lumine’s extensive experience, best practices, and financial resources to strengthen the business in preparation to entertain possible future M&A of their own.

“As Founder and Executive Chairman, I have been building TMD for over 20 years,” continued Tony Taylor. “It was crucial that an acquiring partner would not only understand our business, but also our culture as an opportunity provider for the talent in our team. A key element to our decision is Lumine’s acquisition principle of ‘buy and hold forever,’ as well as their commitment to allowing us to maintain our corporate identity and accelerate the brand we have worked so hard to build.”

Today, the TMD customer base spans North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific with many hundreds of Terabytes of content acquired, managed and delivered, with upwards of 50,000,000+ tasks automated annually for many of its leading media supply chain management customers.

“TMD brings a wealth of expertise in the broadcast, media, and archive industries. We are excited to welcome this dynamic and innovative media business into Lumine, in order to complement our existing companies and provide further mission-critical software capabilities to our ecosystem,” said David Nyland, President of Lumine. “We are particularly impressed with TMD’s Cloud-Native architecture and deployment model, and the ability for customers to visually define their own workflows and tasks enabling ‘hyper-automation’. TMD takes away the need for cumbersome scripting and code development, bringing their solutions to market, enabling rapid realisation of value for their customers compared to the competition. We look forward to supporting Tony and the TMD team in furthering their vision and building on the success of their 20+ years in operation.”

TMD is headquartered near London, UK, with offices in the USA, Malaysia, and Australia.

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