Mobile World Congress Americas Trends 2018

The mobile world is one of constant innovation. Below are some of the most prevalent trends observed at the Mobile World Congress Americas, which took place in downtown Los Angeles.


5G has taken center stage within the industry, and this was heavily reflected during the show. It seemed everywhere you looked 5G had a dominating presence. Everyone is intrigued by 5G, and seems to be optimistically waiting on the sidelines to see how it presents itself and how the networks launch their coverage. 5G promises to promote faster network speeds, more reliable coverage, and increased capacity.

5G has the ability for great things, and expectations are high. However, it should be noted that there will also be risks associated with the launch of 5G. Controlling consumer expectation as successful 5G trials are conducted, should be a prime consideration as we move into the 5G era.

Data Security

As both IoT and 5G progress, data security becomes a topic that needs to be addressed. How will networks manage the future data risks that come with these new developments?

Networks seem to be transitioning well from 3G security standards to 5G, however IoT may serve to be a much larger battle, with more mobile devices at play, including those within the healthcare, and automotive industries, getting data security right is now more important than ever before.


The IoT ecosystem Is experiencing positive progress, and this was felt throughout MWC Americas. As its rapid growth and deployment continues across all sectors within the industry there will also be challenges that face mobile operators. We see this usage and growth of IoT within one of our portfolio companies. Incognito’s Digital Home Experience solution can now manage any customer premise equipment and is forging further into managing IOT devices.

As the number of global connected devices grows, so will the scale and scope of mobile operators. IoT is not only transforming industries, but it is also helping to transform geographies as well.