Staying Connected: How Our Portfolio Companies Are Responding to COVID-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic began to escalate, we shared a business risk continuity checklist that we have implemented throughout Lumine Group. Since then, the Group has moved into action and put this checklist to work. Below, we share a few learnings, action plans, or best practices developed within Lumine Group, in hopes it offers guidance to any business facing similar challenges.


Collab shares best practices on remote work, specifically catered to the contact center workforce. Their hands-on guide outlines how to make the best of your remote contact center team, with tips on smart VPN usage and recommended online tools.

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MDS Global

For networks, service providers are more important than ever as they are enabling friends and family to stay connected and businesses to function. MDS Global shares 5 ways in which service providers can support your customers, whilst boosting brand loyalty and perception.

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Vince Kadar, CEO, shares his thoughts on the role Mobile Money has to play in the COVID-19 pandemic. Ultimately, mobile money is helping individuals and businesses develop the financial resilience they need to weather this period of uncertainty and those that may come in the future.

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Aleyant Systems

As organizations around the world struggle to navigate the new business landscape with COVID-19, the print industry is also facing a unique set of challenges. In this article, Aleyant outlines 7 things printers can do during the COVID-19 quarantine, and how they will be making the most of this time.

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In addition, Aleyant Pressero customer, Sunrise Hitek, has recently converted their printing equipment to produce PPE, aiding in the fight against COVID-19. In the article below, learn how you can support this initiative – which is currently serving hospitals across hard-hit areas in America – by connecting those who may be in need of these products.

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Avance Metering

With the shift to an online workforce, organizations around the world are asking themselves what they can do to ensure employees still feel connected.

In Sweden, “fika” is a sacred form of coffee break, where it is common to invite colleagues to “fika.” Avance Metering, based in Sweden, is now having a daily team #virtualfika – an open 15-minute meeting room for team members to drop by and “fika.”