Lumine Group at DTW24-Ignite: AI, Personalisation & Our Portfolio Presence

This year, Lumine Group representatives return to Copenhagen, Denmark, from June 18-20 for Digital Transformation World 2024 (DTW24), hosted by TM Forum. For this year’s theme, DTW-Ignite is shifting their focus from the Digital Telco Era to an AI-Native Telco. 

The agenda covers a range of topics such as AI in action, Compostable IT, AI-Native DNA and Growth Powerplays. These areas will focus on new strategies for being data-driven, becoming platform-ready, embracing collaboration, and leveraging and optimising partner ecosystems to drive business value and growth. 

Lumine Group's Corporate Development Director, Darren Smith, will be attending the show and is looking forward to leaning into the conversation around AI. 

“AI is, once again, a main focus of the conversation with the potential to transform business operations, particularly through personalised customer experiences. Service providers manage billions of smart device connections and offer personalised services, making it crucial for them to deliver the best possible experience.” 

Creating and managing personalised offers at scale often takes time and effort, adding complexity for those involved.Artificial intelligence has introduced new waves of development, and communication service providers are looking at how they can produce and manage agile, tailored solutions at scale by employing Generative AI,” continued Darren.  

“By employing AI solutions, service providers have the potential to handle the rapidly increasing complexity of mass customisation. Today, communication service providers can create tailored, data-driven offers for each customer and efficiently manage and offer mass customisation. I look forward to exploring more of this at the show.”  

In addition, several Lumine Group portfolio companies will be attending DTW-Ignite ‘24:  

  • MDS Global: MDS Global is a leading BSS-as-a-Service provider of VNO, B2B, and IoT solutions. MDS covers all aspects of monetisation, assurance, and customer steering for complex products and services while offering a digital operating model in a DevOps context, enhancing stakeholder experiences, and providing business agility. MDS Global representatives will be at Booth 322.  
  • Lifeycle Software: Lifecycle Software is a specialist software company creating and delivering industry-leading billing solutions, CRM software and reporting tools to enable real-time usage and subscription-based businesses to succeed. Lifecycle Software representatives will be at Booth 247.  
  • NetAdmin Systems: NetAdmin Systems is a Sweden-based company that develops and provides NetAdmin Nine – a software solution enabling painless growth and transition to fiber networks. NetAdmin Product Marketing Manager Johan Hjalmarsson will be discussing open digital architecture on June 20 from 9:30-10:50 AM.  

If you are interested in learning more about Lumine Group, DTW-Ignite is a great place to connect. Book a meeting here